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Service & Repairs
Bicycle repairs by professionals!
fast - friendly - includes service bike
At our spacious location in Vienna's City, we offer everything your bike needs from a springtime service to daily repairs! A KTM touring bike can be arranged free of charge to get you where you want to go while your bike is being repaired.
Check for wear: brakes, chain, chain ring
Adjust: brakes, gear shift, tire pressure
Centering: impellers removed
Lubricate: all moving parts
Check & adjust: steering, pedal & hub bearings
Inspection (according to StVO): lighting system, reflectors, all screws, visual inspection of all parts for damage
Like classic service.
Additional disassembling & greasing: steering, pedal & hub bearings
We only carry out contactless repairs in compliance with the hygiene regulations.
Repair prices according to work hours and material
1 hour work time
(Minimum unit 5 minutes = 6,-)
Service including brake, shifting and Bowden cables, excluding other materials
Classic Servicefrom 72,-
Premium Servicefrom144,-
Repair work
Tube change including tube
from 20,-
Tire change excluding materialfrom 13,-
Adjust brakes front or rearfrom 10,-
Shifting / brake cable change including cablesfrom 13,-
Shifting / brake cable change including cables and Bowden cable housingfrom 16,-
All prices in EUR incl. 20% VAT.
How to contact us
PEDAL POWER - Bösendorferstraße 5 - 1010 Vienna
Appointments by phone 24/7 under 0650 7297234
 open  Mon - Sat 10 am - 4 pm
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Pedal Power
Bösendorferstraße 5
1010 Vienna, Austria
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