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Selfguided Tours
Tour Suggestions for a half day
The individual way to visit Vienna - Free map and tour description
Ringstraße, Hundertwasserhaus, Inner City
What is the "Ringstraße"? It is the wide boulevard built in the 19th century where the city wall surrounding Vienna was torn down. What today is the 1st district or Inner City of Vienna was inside that wall. This tour takes you around the Ringstraße, past magnificent palaces and through the center of old Vienna. Some of the highlights are: State Opera, Hundertwasserhaus, Johann Strauß Monument in the City Park (Stadtpark), Hofburg - the winter residence of the Habsburgs (the family that ruled Vienna and half of Europe for over 600 years), Spanish Riding School, Rathaus, St. Stephan's Cathedral, Vienna's most famous landmark, Danube Canal, Karlsplatz/Karlskirche, Parliament
Length: 3 - 4 hours, 15 km  
Klosterneuburg / Danube Island Tour
Ready to combine nature and culture? This tour does! You ride along the banks of the Danube, enjoy a beautiful view of the river and surrounding Vienna Woods, visit the north half of the Danube Island (Vienna's 20 kilometer long sport and leisure time paradise), cross the Danube by ferry or bridge and visit the famous monastery and Verdun Altar in the medieval town of Klosterneuburg. On the way back to Vienna enjoy a glass of wine and local food in one of the "Heurigen" or wine taverns nestled among the vineyards of the Vienna Woods.
Length: 3 - 5 hours, 40 km
Music and Central Cemetery Tour
Vienna is synonymous with music. This tour is actually many tours in one. You choose which composers interest you and visit sights where they lived, composed and died. The sights include the following:
  • one of Mozart's apartments
  • Beethoven memorial place, now a museum in beautiful Heiligenstadt
  • the graves in the Central Cemetery of the great composers that have called Vienna their home
  • the apartment, now a museum, where Johann Strauß lived the last years of his life
  • museums dedicated to Joseph Haydn and Franz Schubert.
Length: To visit all - full day.
Danube Island / Heurigen-Tour
Heurigen = small tavern, where the "new" wine can be savored. For those who want to do something typically Viennese, enjoy the city and the Danube from the top of the “Bisamberg” and taste "real" Viennese wine - this is the tour for you. You have an easy ride along the Danube to some vineyards on a small hill (Bisamberg) on the edge of Vienna. No one who has done this tour has been disappointed.
Length: 3 - 4 hours, 25 km
Danube National Park / Lobau-Tour
Want to get away from the city? Seen enough churches? This tour takes you downriver to one of the last untouched wetland areas in Europe, the Danube National Park.
If it is a nice day you can swim in an arm of the Danube, or just ride, take a picnic lunch, and re-charge for the rest of your trip. Some say it looks like East Africa but without the lions!
Length: 3 - 4 hours, 25 km
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