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Kamptal-Thaya-March Cycling Trail
See a part of Austria that is still untouched by tourism.

This bike trail is a challenge and requires some stamina. It can be done on either road bikes or trekking bikes. Kamp, Thaya and March are the names of the rivers that the route follows, giving you some great scenery and many hills. Like in the bikers’ mantra in Seattle: “the wind  and the hills are my friends”.
You’ll see a part of Austria that is still untouched by tourism. Even many Austrians have never been there. An experience to brag about.

Take the train from Vienna to Krems, a 1 hour trip.
The 425 kilometer route can be done in 5 days if you are in a hurry. Rise: 2,557egm, descent: 2.611egm; lowest point 137m, highest point 623m.
Don’t underestimate the energy needed to ride up and down the rolling hills!
Buy the bikeline Cycling guide Kamp-Thaya-March-Radweg. Should be available on amazon. The maps, route descriptions and list of places to stay in the book are invaluable.
Rain is always possible – bring rain gear.
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