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Day Bike Trips
Tour Suggestions for one day
The individual way to visit Vienna - Free map and tour description
Cycle on one of the most beautiful sections of the Danube Cycle Path!
Melk - Duernstein - Krems (as recommended by USA TODAY: One of the world's top bike rides!)
A trip to the Wachau region takes you through one of the most scenic parts of the Danube Bike Trail. This entire region is a UNESCO Heritage Site and for a good reason.
There is the beautiful and historic monastery in Melk, the unforgettable scenery as you ride through the vineyards along the Danube and then, quaint Dürnstein nestled in under the castle ruins where King Richard the Lionhearted was kept prisoner.
It doesn’t get much better than this!
A day to remember.
This is what we suggest
  • Pick up your bike the day before (after 4pm at no extra cost)
  • Take the train from the Westbahnhof to Melk
  • visit the monastery and Baroque gardens
  • bike on the Danube Bike Trail through the Wachau Valley
  • visit a winery and taste the wine
  • eat lunch in one of the many places along the way,
  • end the trip with a leisurely train ride from Krems back to Vienna.
Train times are subject to changes but as of this writing there was a direct train every hour from Vienna to Melk (takes about 75 minutes) and about every half hour from Krems to Vienna. cycling miles: 25.
Lake Neusiedl
Visit the national park and the bird sanctuary!
National Park - bird sanctuary Want a real Austrian adventure? Visit the Lake Neusiedl just south of Vienna.
After a 45 minute train ride you are in Neusiedl am See. From there you ride through the reeds along the lake to the National Park and  bird sanctuary. Depending on the time of the year, you can see many of the birds (over 350 varieties) that migrate to Europe from Africa. Then to Illmitz to catch the ferry across the lake to Mörbisch. The ferry ride will let you see just how big it really is. Disembarking, you continue to Rust, known for three things; a quaint, beautiful town square, storks nesting on the houses and good food and wine. Pick one of the enticing restaurants. You won't be sorry! After lunch you ride through the villages along the lake and through vineyards back to Neusiedl for a well earned, relaxing ride back to Vienna.
You might want to do it again the next day!
This is what we suggest
  • Pick up your bike the day before (after 4pm at no extra cost)
  • Take the train from the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) to Neusiedl am See
  • Bike through the National Park and bird sanctuary
  • In Illmitz, take the ferry across to Mörbisch
  • Bike the short distance to Rust, eat lunch in one of the restaurants
  • Discover the storks
  • Bike to the train station in Neusiedl am See
  • End the trip with a leisurely train ride back to Vienna
Train times are subject to changes but as of this writing there was a direct train every 60 minutes from Vienna, Hauptbahnhof to Neusiedl am See. Travel time 45 minutes. In addition, every morning (around 8:30), from April to November, there is also a “special RADTRAMPER" (bike train) for early risers.
Vienna to Bratislava
Down the river along the Danube to the capital of Slovakia!
With the possibility of returning by hydrofoil on the Danube.
Our shop is just around the corner from where the bicycle trail to Bratislava begins, so it is the perfect place to pick up your bicycle.
It is about 80km to Bratislava from Vienna, all on bike trails. You ride 60km on the Danube’s left bank, cross the river at Hainburg and then ride approximately 20km on the right bank to the bridge re-crossing the Danube at Bratislava. The city gates in Hainburg are a must see and it is a good place to rest and have something to eat. The ride to Hainburg takes you through the forest flood plain along the Danube, of which you can catch occasional glimpses through the trees. Be sure to take enough to drink and a snack as there is nothing directly on the trail until you cross back over the river.
You have 3 possibilities to get back to Vienna:
bike   -   train   -   hydrofoil
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