Day Bike Trips

We recommend three trips to Vienna's hinterland - three different countrysides ....

Wachau - ride through one of the most scenic parts of the Danube Bike Trail
Lake Neusiedl - ride through the reeds along the lake to the National Park and  bird sanctuary
From Vienna to Bratislava - ride alomg the Danube to the capital of Slovakia


By Road Bike around Vienna


The area around Vienna is ideally suited for a tour with our high quality racing bikes. Quiet roads and rolling hills guarantee a good workout and an unforgettable scenic experience.




Danube Bike Trail

Danube Bike Trail

The Danube Bike Trail offers a wide variety of scenery combined with easy riding. From being squeezed between the cliffs and the river, to cycling through vineyards and orchards, you have it all.


Length: Passau - Vienna 335 km (approx. 210 miles)
Vienna - Budapest 340 km (approx. 213 miles)

Iron Curtain bike trail   2017 NEW


Austria - Czech Republic - Slovakia

It begins where Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic come together near Passau, and ends in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. A useful advantage of this route is that you can do as much as you have time for and can be back in Vienna in a few hours by taking a train.

Length: The entire route is about 500km

Kamptal-Thaya-March cycling trail   2017 NEW

Kamptal bike trail

Thaya and March are the names of the rivers that the route follows. You’ll see a part of Austria that is still untouched by tourism.

Length: 425km bike trail, 5 - 7 days



Greenway Bike Trail Vienna-Prague

Greenway Vienna Prague - Wien Prag

There are many variations of this trip but this one was the first, long distance cycling trail going through the Czech Republic. Seasoned cyclists will enjoy riding the whole way from Vienna to Prague.


Length: approx. 400km


EuroVelo 9 Amber Route   2017 NEW

Euro Velo 9

Brno/Brünn bis Maribor/Marburg

Euro Velo 9 follows the old amber trading route between the Baltic coast at Danzig in Poland and the Adrian coast. From the Czech border to Vienna, through the thermal spa region of Styria to the border to Slovenia and finaly Maribor.

Length: approx. 560km