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Danube Bike Trail
A relaxed trip in a beautiful landscape!
The Danube bike trail offers a wide variety of scenery combined with easy riding. From being squeezed between the cliffs and the river, to cycling through vineyards and orchards, you have it all.
Quaint villages and towns are at regular intervals along the river providing good places to stay and eat. There is no need to book accommodations in advance. Even without knowledge of German or Hungarian, you will have no difficulties finding food and lodging.
Length: Passau - Vienna 335 km (approx. 210 miles)
Vienna - Budapest 340 km (approx. 213 miles)
The BikeLineGuide provides all necessary information: precise maps, detailed descriptions of the route and sights you'll be seeing, plus a comprehensive list of accommodation.
From Vienna to Budapest
Information about the Slovakian Danube Bike Trail

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Danube Bike Trail
Additional Information (price examples)
Bike rental 7 days (per bike)119,-
panniers (for entire rental period)25,-
Bike Line Guide (including postage)30,-
Bike delivery to Passau
per bike75,-
valid from Mai - September for Touring Bikes
Bike retrieval from Budapest to Vienna
per bike75,-
valid from Mai - September for Touring Bikes and E-Bikes
Bike drop off in Budapest (off-season)
- upon request
Train tickets (per person)
- Wien-Passau45,-/ 60,-
- Wien-Melk18,-
- Wien-Linz30,-
- Budapest-Wien40,-
Bike reservations for trains3,-/ 7,-
Accommodation (per night/person)
in B&Bs or private rooms (somewhat cheaper in Hungary)30,-/ 40,-
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