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Bike Rental
Go with the experts!
Pedal Power was the first to offer comprehensive rent a bike service in Vienna. Drawing on almost 20 years of experience we provide you with the best bikes in Vienna and our exclusive service.
Cycling in Vienna
Vienna is great and easy to bike. With over 1000 miles of bike paths and routes within the city you can visit all the sights effortlessly and quickly. Whether you stay in Vienna or venture forth, our maps, information, and tour descriptions will assure a memorable experience. You provide your height, and we guarantee that we will reserve the correct size bike for you. If you have something special in mind, just let us know and we will be glad to help make it happen.
Our Services
Excellent 27/29 geared, Austrian made KTM bikes
Locks, panniers, toolkits for flat repair, helmets, baskets, child seats, trailer bikes, child trailer are all available
Bring your own seats and/orpedals, and we put them on
We deliver to most hotels in Vienna. For hotel delivery please book through the hotel reception
Maps and route descriptions (for Vienna and its surroundings, the Danube bike trail, the Wachau Valley, to Bratislava and Lake Neusiedl)
Discount for self pick up, students, seniors, families, Vienna Card holders
Travelling with your own bikes?We do all repairs!
Need to get to the train station or airport with your bikes? We provide bike transfers to both!
Touring Bike to and from PEDAL POWER
per hour6,-
4 hours19,-
full day (24 hrs)31,-
Touring Bike hotel delivery & pick-up
min. 1 day touring bike rental, hotel in Vienna

Tour & Rental
includes Classic Vienna Bike Tour ticket and rental (24 hrs)

More days price Touring Bike to and from PEDAL POWER
2 days56,-
3 days76,-
4 days96,-
5 days112,-
6 and 7 days127,-
additional days15,-
Road/Racing Bike to and from Pedal Power
(without pedals)
1 day (24 hrs)45,-
2 days89,-
additional day+35,-
E-Bike to and from Pedal Power
1 hour15,-
1 day (24 hrs)55,-
2 days109,-
additional day45,-
SPECIAL OFFER: 6=7 days (weeklong rental)290,-
key deposit10,-
One discount per person!
students (26 or younger, valid student ID) + seniors (65 and up)
children (12 or younger)
helmet, basket per dayà4,-
helmets are required for children under 12free
child seat per day6,-
all prices in Euro     age restriction: children = up to 12 yrs, students = up to 26 yrs, seniors = over 65 yrs
Hotel delivery
If you would like the Touring Bikes to be delivered to your hotel, please tell your hotel to contact us and we will arrange the delivery with them. Be sure to let them know how tall you are and whether you prefer women's or men's bikes.
Available starting with 24 hour and longer rentals.
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